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Best o2 sensor for Honda Civic

Everyone dreads starting their car up first thing in the morning, or while out on the open road or highway commuting to and from work seeing that awful “Check Engine” light come on. While there are many meanings and causes to the Check Engine light alert, such as faulty wires, more often than not it is directly related your Honda Civics’ O2 Sensor.

The O2 Sensor was originally created for and continues to be used to gauge how much unburned oxygen is in liquid or gas—specifically in the case of your exhaust, and how much of these emissions are being expelled into the air.

This type of monitoring system is very important, as it can also indicate if something unwanted is burning off in the fuel such as excessive fuel or even antifreeze coolant—all bad signs that could lead or point to a much greater (and more expensive) problem or repair.

Determining whether or not your Civic is burning lean (more oxygen within the burned off fuel) or rich (less oxygen) can mean the difference between vital integral parts malfunctioning in your vehicle.

Additionally, if an O2 Sensor is giving poor readings on emissions, and is in fact found accurate, it’s likely that you’d also fail your upcoming inspection and emissions tests required by your state or country.

In consideration of how vital a properly functioning O2 Sensor is for your Honda Civic, it’s considerably worth investing in an OEM replacement part, also known as an Original Equipment Manufacturer part.

While the price might be double to that of a generic-brand part, (or knockoff) the difference in performance, reliability, and often warranty will also vary greatly in your favor when selecting OEM parts.

It’s highly recommended that when it comes to parts like an O2 Sensor to get it checked out immediately by a licensed mechanic (using a code-reader) to get to the bottom of the problem, as it’s not always necessarily the sensor itself that is bad, or giving false readings.

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