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Laser infrared sensor for door alarm. Door radar, trigger, door entry sensor

Laser Sensors, in most cases Infrared Technology (excluding Radio Frequency technology and discovery devices) are commonly used in home security systems. Originally being most used for window-locks, as the transmitter and receiver that comes with each set would constantly bounce an, invisible to the eye, infrared beam back and forth—or multiple beams—and amid disruption would trigger a silent (or audible) alarm.


Some troubles with using Infrared Laser Sensors are that they can be too sensitive, yet in other cases not sensitive enough. In many ways, it’s the responsibility of the consumer to optimize Infrared technology by buying Infrared laser sensor door alarms that have multiple beams or various height capacity—to avoid unwanted sensitivity or triggering from pets or other non-threat variables.

People choose Infrared laser sensor technology as one of the most popular door sensors, but Radio Frequency sensors for similar use are not unheard of either.

They each have their own pros and cons, and it’s worth noting that Infrared technology suffers common misreading’s or lack of functionality due to weather, does not perform well outside, and can easily be distracted or miss an invasion due to other technical or internal defect or lapse in beam consistency.

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