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Lenovo Z500 USB 2.0 port is not working. Repair instruction

What to do if Lenovo Ideapad Z500 USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 ports are not working. In this article I will tell you how I fixed this problem.

At first I had problem – no sound from my laptop audio jack, after I pulled headphones cable accidently. After two weeks I inserted USB flash drive and got error: unknown USB device. After sometime USB 2.0 ports stopped working at all.

I tried to boot in Safe Mode and check if flash drive is mounted as a removable device, load BIOS factory defaults, update USB drivers, uninstall all USB Root Hubs in Device Manager, but nothing helped.

Also, I disassembled my laptop, pluged out the battery and then pressed power 5 time. I’ve read on forum that it could help in some cases, but not for me.

Try to uninstall a firewall software, it could help.

I realized, it was physical damage of the USB Audio PCBA board, so there’s the only way to fix this problem – replace this board.


How to disassemble Lenovo Z500, I watched video instruction on youtube, but they missed important step: You need to remove the keyboard before the optical drive. The keyboard must be pushed upward from the back using a thin screwdriver in one of the screw holes, then take plastic card and slid around the edges to unclip the keyboard, then Push the ribbon cable fastener forward to release the cable, then slide the cable from the socket and remove the keyboard from the unit.


Remove these screws, and then remove screws in the area where the ribbon cable goes under the motherboard, there should be a gap to disconnect and take out the ribbon cable.


Disconnect ribbon cable, then replace USB board to new one.

After replacement USB 2.0 ports and audio jack work properly, the problem was fixed!

USB Audio PCBA Board For Lenovo IdeaPad Z400 Z500 board average cost is $22 in aliexpress.

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