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A4tech Bloody V5, V7, V8 Avago PAW3305dk sensor: native dpi, acceleration

A4tech Bloody V7/V8, Bloody V8, Steelseries Kinzu V2 mice have a 3200 dpi PAW/PAN3305 sensor. Lift Distance for this gaming sensor is 2mm. It’s a CMOS image sensor – 30×30 matrix array. It has positive acceleration and a little lag for some mice models.

There’s a modification of this sensor PAW3305DK-H with (0,5f) lens, which increased max speed to 3 m/s. Other mice models with 3305dk sensor: A4tech Bloody V2, Bloody V3, Bloody V5 / V5M, Bloody V7 / V7M, Bloody V8M, X-718BK, X-748K, Gigabyte M6900, NEWMEN GX1-F, NEWMEN GX2, Roccat Kova[+], Roccat Pyra, Sharkoon Fireglider Optical, Speedlink Prime Z-DW, Steelseries Kana, Steelseries WoW Legendary, Zowie Mico. SteelSeries WOW Legendary has the 3305 sensor, 16.8 million color with four light modes, 11 programmable buttons, macros function, measures 40mm x 81mm x 115mm, weighs: 115 grams. It works great in Windows 8, 8.1, 10 and other versions.

PAW/PAN3305 optical gaming sensor features:

Resolution DPI: 400-3200; Native DPI (when mouse can reach best performance): 1200; CPI increments: – DPI; DPI presets (400/800/1200/1600/2000/2400/2800/3200); Max tracking speed: 130 IPS; Frame Rate: 3600 fps; Max Tracking Acceleration: 30G; Max Stable Polling Rate: 500Hz (2ms); Power Supply: 4.5-5.0V; Interface : 4-Wire SPI port; Package: 12-pin DIP;


Razer Abyssus, Deathadder 3.5G s3888 sensor: native dpi, acceleration

Two Razer gaming mice have optical (not laser) Avago ADNS-s3888 sensor: Abyssus, Deathadder 3.5G. It a 3500dpi infrared gaming sensor with high accuracy and tracking gaming performance. It’s a 30×30 matrix array, 30 pixels for X-axis tracking and 30 pixels for Y-axis tracking.

Razer Abyssus has 3500dpi Razer 3.5G infrared sensor, clickable scroll wheel, 2 toggle switches for sensitivity/polling rate adjustment, three programmable buttons. It has two DPI steps: 1800cpi and 3500cpi. It’s good both for big and medium size hands users, we can say it’s a standard size mouse. It fits for claw and fingertip grip.

Avago ADNS-s8888 gaming sensor datasheet specs: Resolution DPI: 450-3500; Native DPI (when mouse can reach best performance): 1800; CPI increments: DPI presets: 450/1800/3500; Max tracking speed: 4,15 ms/s, 60-120 IPS; Frame Rate: –; Max Tracking Acceleration: 15G; Max Stable Polling Rate: 125/1000Hz (8/1ms); Power Supply: –


Razer Deathadder 3G Avago ADNS-s3668 sensor (native dpi, acceleration)

Razer offered four gaming mice models: Deathadder 3G, Boomslang 2007 CE, Diamondback 3G, Salmosa with a 1600 DPI Avago ADNS-s3668 (native dpi – maximum value) sensor. Avago s3668 sensor uses infrared tracking method. Minimum DPI: 450, Maximum DPI: 1800. 1000Hz polling rate provides fast response, what is important for FPS and MMO games.

Razer Diamondback 3G has 1800dpi Razer Infrared sensor, seven programmable buttons and On-The-Fly sensitivity adjustment function. Some users reported it could be fairly hard to click side (macro) buttons. RAZER Boomslang Collector’s Edition (CE): Infrared 1800 dpi sensor, 5 programmable Buttons and 1 scroll wheel, USB interface, On-The-Fly sensitivity adjustment.

Avago ADNS-s3668 gaming sensor features: Resolution DPI: 450-1800; Native DPI (when mouse can reach best performance): 1800;CPI increments: -; Max tracking speed: 4,15 ms/s, 60-120 IPS; Frame Rate: -; Max Tracking Acceleration: 15G; Max Stable Polling Rate: 1000Hz (1ms); Power Supply: –