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Avago s3988 vs s3989 sensors: native DPI, acceleration

What’s the difference bewtween Avago (now Pixart) s3988 vs s3989 mouse sensors

Avago s3989 is a modified version of the s3988. Both sensor models have exact same hardware, but different SROM. PixArt (Avago) SDNS 3988 sensor features: DPI: 100-6400 DPI; Native DPI: 1800; DPI increments: 50; Max tracking speed: 200 IPS; Max Tracking Acceleration: 50G; Max Speed: 4,48 m/s; Max Stable Polling Rate: 500Hz/2ms; No Hardware Acceleration; Known Issues: slight jitter at DPIs below 1600.

Mice models with Avago 3989 sensor: Razer DeathAdder Chroma. 6400 DPI Deathadder 2013 (s3988), 10000 for Deathadder chroma (s3989).