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Gigabyte XM300 sensor: dpi, acceleration, polling rate

Gigabyte XM300 has Avago (Pixart) 3988 sensor. DPI range: 50-6400; CPI increments: 50 DPI; Max tracking speed: 200 inches per second; Frame Rate: 12500 fps;
Max Tracking Acceleration: 50G; Max Polling Rate: 1000 Hz (1 ms response time)

Omron durable switches: 20 million clicks

16.8M Customizable Lighting


Best most accurate edge finder 2016-2017

What is the most accurate edge finder? What is the best edge finder sensor model 2015-2016?


The Mitutoyo 050101 Edge Finder

Selecting the most reliable and efficient edge finder can be a very daunting task, as even the slightest inaccuracy can lead to very counterproductive results—including loss of profits when machining metal.

Machinists rely so heavily on edge finders to ensure that every edge of a machined project is precise, specifically with pinpoint accuracy of less than 1”.

Any company serious about operating their milling machine at optimal levels and always achieving the most precise results can rely on the Mitutoyo Edge Finger 3/8” Dia. Shank to out-perform competitors!

This edge finder is the most reputable and reliable because it’s always successful in finding the edges, as well as finding the center on metals when using a milling machine. This product is built durably, and consistently lives up to the reputation of Mitutoyo in its long-lasting, consistently accurate performance.

This specific Mitutoyo model can help locate a hole as small as .001-.002″ to aid in developing a deeper, if necessary, counterbore in milled products using heavy machinery.

Professionals can use this Mitutoyo edge finder by directly inserting it into a CNC machine’s collect holder to give consistent edge findings and make modifications as necessary from there.

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