Best top 5 most accurate, flawless mice sensors 2016-2017

Top 5 Perfect, Most Precise Mouse Sensors for 2016-2017: This Year’s Competition

We understand how important it is to have a wide range of features, specific desirable weight-flexibility, and the number of buttons for macros when it comes to MMOs and real-time active shooting or first person adventure games. We have provided, through categorical rating the best mouse sensors and gaming mice for 2016 below – so read on!

accurate mouse sensor

1. The Razer DeathAdder “Classic” – If overall quality, features, and accuracy along with a simple to use or “beginners” gaming mouse is what you seek, then the Razer DeathAdder (classic) is our top pick for you. It has an excellent, well-designed and effective 3988 optical sensor, responds well to ‘claw gripping’ and is available in various hand sizes for your convenience.

While different gamers will have different tastes when it comes to the “perfect weight” for a gaming mouse, many would agree that along with price, feel, size, and precision that in general the lighter the mouse the better – which is exactly what this Razer provides.


2. Razer Naga Hex V2 – Next up, and by no means in an effort to be ‘redundant’ by any measure in our choices, the top rated 2016 gaming mouse for comfort, design, and precision using convenient and comfortable thumb buttons is the Razer Naga Hex V2 for. It includes a circular layout of 7-buttons for macros on the left-hand side of the mouse, which is both cosmetically as well as physically pleasing and is our top notch selection for serious gaming, first person shooters, and MMO’s.

It is an ultimate pick in precision, and utilizes 16,000 DPI 5G laser sensor technology. While on the lighter side, the scroll-wheel is very intuitive, easy to use, and has a desirable amount of “give” without wiggling or interfering with your gaming experience.


3. Logitech’s G900 Chaos Spectrum – If you’re willing to shell out some considerable cash for an ambidextrous, high-performance wireless gaming mouse than the Logitech’s G900 Chaos Spectrum is the ultimate delight. It has modular side buttons, and with 12,000 (and no percentile lag) dpi maximum it’s definitely an enjoyable experience to game with (specifics 200 to 12,000dpi without acceleration). The design, response, and feel are extraordinary with this gaming mouse and is more than practical for claw gripping.

It has 11 buttons total and removable side buttons for both convenience and customizability. PMW3366 optical sensor technology is very popular among gamers, and the G900 includes a mechanical pivot button for fast and accurate clicking – and the G900 be used both wired or wirelessly.


4. Corsair M65 Pro RGB – With up to 12,000dpi and smooth gliding features, 8 buttons, and a High-mass scroll wheel shooters and MMO players alike will go crazy for this gaming mouse. It comes with extra-large glide pads and being made out of aircraft-grade aluminum the Corsair M65 Pro RGB is sure to last you for many years to come. As an added bonus it also includes a three-point weight customization. It also includes special sniper button on the left-hand side for all the serious shooter gamers out there. Overall this is a great direction to pro if you enjoy customization, accuracy, and response. The software included can take a little getting used to, but, it’s designed for the most part to adjust sub-lighting and lighting features.


5. Logitech G502 Proteus Core – Is a heavy gaming mouse what you’re seeking for the most precision gaming experience on the market? The G502 is designed with larger hands in mind and comes with a wide range size and button-customization. Gaming communities have given this mouse and it’s sensor technology the thumbs up thanks to its ability to be claw gripped, and its accelerate and jitter-free experience has been tested and approved even at albeit few ever reach or use – it’s maximum cpi of 12,000, great for tracking fast swipes and ensuring accuracy.

Relying on Logitech’s PMW3366 optical sensor means in combination with it’s dual mode, gaming grade scroll wheel speed and precision are maximized. Click to click and hyper-fast scrolling is supported thanks to it’s advanced build and high performance, Logitech optical sensor technology.

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